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Our Team

Our Team

Our team has extensive experience in Japanese culture, having previously worked at a premium Japanese fine dining establishments, worked alongside celebrity Japanese chefs and award-winning sommeliers.

We possess in-depth knowledge of Japanese cuisine, beverages, and food. Additionally, our team draws inspiration from both Japanese and Korean food and beverage traditions. Some team members have a deep love for these cultures and have even travelled to Japan and Korea to immerse themselves in the traditional aspects.

Mee So | Korean Japanese Restaurant | Cocktail Bar | Karaoke Bar

Venue Manager Mae

Mae brings over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, with a passion and specialty in the intricate art of Japanese and Asian cuisine. Along the way, Mae has worked alongside Michelin-star and celebrity chefs in the vibrant culinary scene of Australia. As a connoisseur of wine, cocktails, and spirits, Mae strives to introduce new dimensions of taste and pleasure, whether its a perfectly balanced wine pairing or a meticulously crafted cocktail.

An artist at heart, she infuses her love for art into every venue, from the ambiance to the presentation, it’s all about an immersive dining experience that ignites all the senses.
Prepare to be dazzled as Mae blends culinary excellence with a touch of artistic flair.

Head Chef Dennis

Dennis Liu, born from Liao Yang, China, is an accomplished culinary virtuoso with an esteemed reputation amongst culinary professionals.
He has trained under several highly acclaimed Chefs in Japanese cuisine. With over 2 decades of a stellar career from a teenager, Dennis has honed his expertise in the food industry and is well recognised for his incorporation of authentic Japanese flavours into Modern Australian cuisine.

Dennis has led multiple kitchen brigades in renowned establishments including the pre-opening of Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge and Quartier Restaurant. Most recently, he was co-owner and Chef of The Raglan restaurant that was awarded the AGFG Chefs Hat in 2022. Dennis is a visionary Chef, driven by a passion for culinary innovation and commitment to excellence in the culinary world.

Paired with heavily influence Japanese-themed signature cocktails and craft beers, Chef aims to deliver exceptional dining experiences inspired by the vibrant and bustling city of Shinjuku in Japan.

Mee So | Korean Japanese Restaurant | Cocktail Bar | Karaoke Bar